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Since 2005, we have worked our way to become one of Singapore's leading distributors in seafood.


Our global network of partnerships has empowered us with exclusive distribution rights from well-known global brands to offer you an exclusive range of products.
This sustainable range of seafood will help you satisfy the increasingly environmentally-conscious consumer mindset.


Find exactly what you are looking for and reduce your shipping and purchasing costs with our container consolidation service. This way, you won’t have to overbuy just to meet the minimum order quantity.

F&B Industry

With our consistent record in providing quality products, timely deliveries, and dedicated customer service, save time and manpower with our highly customised solutions. We will prepare your fish fillets into your desired cuts and thickness so you can focus on more urgent tasks.

Naturally Farmed Soft Shell Crab

We produce 300 metric tonnes of soft shell crabs from our farm in Makasa, Indonesia annually. Our farm uses natural farming techniques, juxtaposing traditional methods whereby crabs are farmed under duress. This process yields fuller, firmer crab meat that’s flavourful and packs more bite!


Helping You Help The Earth

Environmental responsibility is very important to us. As such, we have secured certifications from the highest authorities in responsible and sustainable fishing practices. This way, we can work with you to do our part for our planet and future generations.

To be the most preferred seafood operator in Singapore and regionally.


We put our customers first by being the trusted source for safe, sustainable and affordable seafood, earning our place in the community as the preferred seafood partner.

Making the world of seafood smaller, for every seafood lover.


We want to make the world of seafood smaller through a smarter and seamless process, bringing total value and quality products to seafood lovers from all walks.

Our Brands


Since 2005, Seaco has worked its way to being your favourite seafood brand, presenting nothing but the best collections. Seaco continually offers innovative collections and new products to our retail partners and avid consumers.

Skip the steps, not the taste. Enjoy the luxury of delectable seafood in just 3 easy steps. Expect only the freshest of flavours of the sea when you tuck into Easy Plate on a bed of crisp salad or piping hot mash. Easy Plate Content here.
Throwing a feast, putting the best on the table for guest is in its essence what the fiesta collection is all about. Developed for the premium market, this collection allows you to bring feasting to a whole new level, like never before. Shop the Everyday Collection here.
Brought about by the idea of familiarity and accessibility, the everyday collection is developed to target the masses. It allows consumers to easily associate it to everyday items knowing that it is a collection to go to when in search for seafood that is simple yet affordable. Shop the Everyday Collection here.

Our Businesses

Food Buddyz

The fast-paced F&B industry is often reliant on a fast, effective, and dependable supply chain. Our team at Food Buddyz, a one-stop food service is committed to help you cut through the clutter with our holistic food solutions.

Order everything you need on one easy call. Our operators will be able to access your past purchasing records and can even alert you if you miss ordering any of your regular items.
Enjoy flexible options to select products in your desired quality, quantity and costs to suit your needs and budget with our vast network of suppliers.
If you are unable to store all your supplies in your kitchen or warehouse, our storage and logistic services will provide you with extra storage. Additionally, save on internal logistic costs by letting us take over the fundamentals on your behalf.
We also specialise in delivering processed vegetables that are ready-to-cook. These vegetables will be washed, cut and packaged to your exact specifications for your convenience.

Our Businesses

Seaco Manufacturing

With more than 50 years of experience under our belt, Seaco Manufacturing has continuously refined our craft in processing sea cucumbers, cuttlefish and canned abalone. Our products are trusted by customers far and wide, with local and global distributions to restaurant

Our 50 years of experience in processing and curing sea cucumbers and cuttlefish has earned our customers full confidence in our ability to produce the right texture and taste.
Our products undergo a final quality check before delivery. This assures our discerning customers the familiar quality in our products.
Our reputation in this trade is second to none. Trusted by an extensive network of clients and chefs, our products are confidently used in restaurants and hotels. Plus, they are also sold in major supermarkets in Singapore and beyond.


We Work with the Best in the Region

“Apart from freshness and quality of food supplies, reliability and consistency are essential to the smooth running of our operations. I am very happy to work with the team of TheSeafoodCompany as their service has always been impeccable.”

“With each step we have taken with TheSeafoodCompany, more have come to know and love COLLIN’S®.

Clinching both the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2017 – Promising Brands and Most Popular Promising Brand honours marks a significant milestone for COLLIN’S® and we couldn’t have come this far without your support and faith in us.

We look forward to reaching greater heights together!”

I would like to thank TheSeafoodCompany for providing exceptional service to us. The organisation commitment to providing the product is a success which continuous exceeds our expectations.

TheSeafoodCompany have become a trusted resource and partner in providing timely and efficient solutions to our daily requisition which I hope to see the partnership forging positively in many years more.

We at Capri By Fraser, Changi City / Sinagpore are very satisfied and happy to be your client and are looking forward to a long lasting relationship.

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For Business

Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, we understand your need for timely, precise, and impeccable food service solutions. As the industry’s fastest-growing food service franchise, we have built our success upon our team of highly dedicated specialists.


We stand ready to deliver quality products and advise you on the best solutions, so you can be assured of our partnership, from start to finish.


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