Life's Simple Pleasures

Life is filled with simple pleasures. Take time to pause and delight yourself in a delicious, wholesome yet hassle–free home cooked meal after a long and hectic day. You can now enjoy the flexibility of cooking frozen seafood anyhow, anytime, anywhere!

Absolute Freshness

Freshness doesn't necessarily comes with a exorbitant price. Leveraging on today’s state of the art blast freezing technology you can now enjoy the goodness of affordable freshness at a level that is easy to your pockets.

Easy to Plate

Feel free to whip up any delicious meals with Seaco freshly packaged seafood anytime!


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Lobster Tail with Rosemary Butter Reduction

Mullet with Sambal Sauce

Salmon with Rosemary Butter

Tilapia with Garlic Butter Sauce


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For the Lobster Tail

For the Mullet

For the Salmon

For the Tilapia

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